Idea of creating this website became to me after two unsuccessful purchases of household appliances. Firstly, I bought cheap vacuum cleaner that have broken after several weeks of exploitation. The next buy was costlier but it did not bring me much happiness too. Fortunately manufacturers’ warranty gave me ability to refund my three hundred.

One thing I’ve understood is there is no benefit in reading instructions and a promising booklets. The only thing that matters while choosing your vacuum cleaner is user experience. You do not need to commit your own mistakes while all of the vacuums already tested by other carpet lovers and feedbacks kindly provided. So I stopped listening to store consultants and did my own online research before another stupid purchase.

I live in a house where flooring is mostly shaggy carpets so I needed powerful carpet cleaning vacuum for a certain needs and started from Amazon feedbacks. I really spent much time at reading and after tenth or fifteenth investigated vacuum I got confused by huge amount of information. So I started to make some notes, write down pros and cons, key features of certain vacuum models. Very soon my notes evolved to big comparison table. Later I cut off all the unsuitable vacuums and left only the best vacuums for shag carpet. I became real vacuum cleaner expert and started to investigate other vacuums for various needs: hard flooring, pets’ hair, long hair and sorting them by other criteria: cheap vacuums under 100 bucks, super lightweight vacuums, best performance on tile and so on.

All reviews are based on my experience and real feedbacks from purchasers at Amazon and being accumulation of more than fifty thousand user commentaries. Hope that will help you choose the proper vacuum cleaner and save you time and money.

If you have any questions regarding vacuums you can leave them at comments sections or use Contact Form.

Wellcome to my website!