Bissell 9595a vs 1330

When you’re looking for any product, there’s one thing that matters above all – quality. The products need to perform well and not be too pricey. So, what about the Bissell 9595a and 1330 vacuum models? They are very similar in terms of features, and they are both budget-friendly options. So, regardless of which model you choose, you are sure to have a quality vacuum.

So, if you need some help in choosing one of these models, here are factors to help you on the road!

Cleaning Performance

Sometimes, you might be disappointed by the way a new vacuum performs. You expect the best performance from it, but you end up regretting spending money on the item. Bissell is an exception to this rule. Its items offer a high-quality cleaning performance, so you can properly get rid of the debris and dirt. Coming with One Pass technology, they are sure to please anyone who uses them.

One Pass is a technology that helps you vacuum the dirt in one go. Basically, you don’t have to struggle with going over the surface multiple times. You can go once, and it’s more than enough. This is an advantage, as many vacuums take too much time to clean one place.

Thankfully, if you purchase one of these Bissell vacuum cleaners, you could be the happy user of this feature, as they both have it. They combine a great brush design that rotates down into the carpet and multi-cyclonic power into a unique feature. Moreover, according to Bissell, the 1330 model is able to remove most of the surface debris in one go, based on a visual test. So, not only does it clean well, but it also cuts your cleaning time, as you are done vacuuming earlier than you’d be with usual vacuums.

Moreover, according to Bissell, the 1330 model has a new brush roll that is based on updated One Pass technology, making it easier to get rid of dust and debris. It works on multiple types of floors as well.

The vacuums also include turbo brush tools. They are used to remove dirt from stairs upholstery and hard-to-reach places. Also, you need to know that these vacuum models are not HEPA certified vacuum cleaners. However, they have a very good air filtration system. Their dual filters don’t make the air in your room hard to breathe – they actually do a good job in returning the fresh air, so you can breathe easy.

Based on reviews, this is true. Many customers claimed that the feature is indeed that good, and it helps a lot with cleaning. Still, it isn’t known for how long you will be able to enjoy the feature. Evidence points to the suction holding up over time, though, but that doesn’t mean that vacuum cleaners don’t wear out after a while. Any machine will start malfunctioning over time.

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Bissell 9595a vs 1330 vs 1332 Comparison Table

Model Bissell 9595a Bissell 1330 Bissell 1332
Weight 15 pounds 15.5 Pounds 15.5 Pounds
  • OnePass Technology
  • Triple Action Brush Roll
  • Power Cable Length 25 ft. 25 ft. 25 ft.
    Cable Rewind Technology
  • Multi-Level Filtration
  • Warranty 2-Year Limited 2-Year Limited 3-Year Limited


    Whereas it’s the functionality that matters and not the design, it doesn’t mean that the appearance itself doesn’t matter either.

    Vacuum cleaners may not be the best-looking products out there. They are thought of as these awkward household tools that are causing a lot of noise. However, these two models have something special going on, as the color schemes make them pretty good looking.

    They both look pretty similar, but there are a few noticeable differences between them. While 1330 is black with orange accents, the 9595a is black with purple. The colors are probably the biggest design differences they have. Because of the clear plastic, the brush is visible on the 1330 model, but not on the 9595a one.

    Regarding the dimensions, they are pretty much the same. 1330 is a little heavier compared to 9595a. At the same time, the 9595a’s debris collection tank is a little bigger. The foot width is 13.5 inches wide, so it’s about the same.


    There is not such a big difference between the prices these two vacuum cleaners have. Both of them cost under $100. Consequently, they may become the best friends and allies against debris to families with low income. In other words, you can easily find them online for a pocket-friendly price, so you don’t have to worry about wasting all of your savings.

    Easy to Empty Dirt Tank

    If one of the things you hate the most about vacuum cleaners is the difficulty of emptying the dirt tank, Bissell makes your life easier. Both of these models make the process easier and less annoying, so you can do the cleaning at a whole new level.

    The 1330 model has a dirt tank capacity of 2 liters, while the 9595a one has a capacity of 2.27 liters. Both of them have clear debris and dirt collectors. Moreover, as mentioned, they are easy to empty. The tanks are designed in such a way that they open at the bottom of the unit.

    Unlike other types of vacuum cleaners, they have an advantage. A bagless vacuum cleaner would be a pain, considering that sometimes the top would get stuck, and you could get debris on your hands. The Bissell models won’t do that to you, thus making everything better for the user.


    Between the two, the Bissell 9595a is the more powerful model. It has a 12-amp motor compared to the 10 amps one the 1330 has. Whereas the other factors are pretty much the same and make the choice harder on your behalf, the motor power may be a deciding factor. The cyclonic system is designed in such a way to keep your vacuum’s suction power for a long time, so you enjoy its benefits for years to come.

    Tools and Attachments

    Tools add some versatility to the machines. Both of the vacuum cleaners come with their own set of accessories.

    For instance, Bissell 1330 comes with 11-inch extension wand, turbo brush, twist and snap hose, crevice tool, dusting brush/upholstery tool.

    At the same time, Bissell 9595a comes with a turbo brush, extension wand, dusting brush/upholstery tool, and crevice tool.


    Both of these models have made the customers on Amazon very happy, which is why they have high ratings.

    Bissell 1330 is apparently very good on many types of floors, and it does a great job against pet hair. What made customers even more pleased was the price vs quality, as well as the strong suction the vacuum has. The only issue people have found was the hose, which is too short, but other than that, they were very happy.

    Bissell 9595a is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with about 82% giving 4/5-star ratings. People were very pleased with the One Pass technology, which allowed them to clean in one go, as well as the fact that it does a great job at removing cat hair. The only flaw it had was that the hose attachment didn’t stretch far enough. Overall, they were very happy with it, though.


    Choosing between these models may be a little hard at first because they resemble each other so much it’s hard to tell which one is better. They have One Pass technology, they have a great design, and they are affordable.

    If we were to recommend one, it would be the 9595a one, though. It is not only easier to lift, but it has a more powerful motor as well and a larger dust cup. Whichever you end up choosing, it will be a great investment. You won’t have to worry about struggling to get rid of the debris in one area of the carpet – it goes away in one go.

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