Bissell Cleanview 9595A vs Hoover WindTunnel 2

For your household cleaning, what you need is a vacuum cleaner which has the ability to offer great cleaning services. Coming across vacuum cleaners which can offer this, is not difficult. There are a number of good brands which have cleaners that have great features which enhances their cleaning ability and gives them an edge over other vacuum cleaners. These brands are Hoover and Bissell. They have reportedly been in operation for over a century, and have been found to have amassed experience when it comes to innovative cleaning.
This piece talks about two models, one from each brand: Bissell Cleanview vs Hoover WindTunnel 2.

Bissell Cleanview 9595A vs Hoover WindTunnel 2. Which would you go for?


The Bissell CleanView and the Hoover WindTunnel 2 are upright vacuum cleaners. Their only downside is, they are large and cumbersome. Their non-portability wants to scare people off. However, what they lack in this, they make up in their excellent cleaning capability. Of all models which are available, upright models are known to be the most powerful models, as the technology involved in their makeup is more advanced, the same applies to their cleaning path which is also very wide.

However, this is not an excuse as it is necessary for an upright vacuum to have a stylish design which would ensure that navigation is made easier. If you compare Bissell Cleanview 9595A vs Hoover WindTunnel 2, the heavier and bigger one is the Hoover WindTunnel 2, as it has a weight of 17.4 pounds. There is no swivel head in place for steering, hence, this makes it quite hard for navigation to occur, especially in cases where you encounter tight areas.

Bissell CleanView 9595a is smaller in size, although slightly. The dimension is 13.5 inches by 12.5 inches by 44 inches, while the dimension of the WindTunnel 2 is 14 inches by 13 inches by 44 inches. The weight of the Bissell CleanView is 15 pounds. Just like the Hoover WindTunnel, there is no swivel head, this does not affect navigation as the head has the ability to rotate and sprawl. With this, navigation is made easier and spots which are hard to reach can be touched.
Their heights can be adjusted, as their height position is pegged at the value of 5. So, if you feel that the vacuum is either very short or tall, you can adjust it to suit your preferred height.

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Hose and Power Cord

Another difference between the Bissell Cleanview 9595A vs Hoover WindTunnel 2 is the length of their hose. Their lengths are similar. However, the length of WindTunnel is longer than CleanView, thereby making the WindTunnel able to contact more areas than its counterpart.

The length of the Hoover WindTunnel power cord is 25 feet and the hose is 8 feet in length. The power cord is very long, that it can operate in two small rooms without having to unplug from the source. For furniture underside and corners of your room, the Hoover WindTunnel also comes in handy.
The Bissell CleanView also has a power cord of a length of 25 feet, however, the power cord is shorter than the Hoover WindTunnel- 6 feet. So irrespective of the fact that the power cord is long, it cannot reach some areas where the Hoover WindTunnel can reach.

Dustbin Function

Before you purchase a vacuum cleaner which is bagless, it is essential that you make inquiries concerning the dust bin capacity. A bagless vacuum cleaner gathers dust in the dustbin. In cases when the dust bin is filled up, you would be hindered, as you would have to pause your work and empty the dustbin before you continue. So, if you purchase a vacuum cleaner with a bigger dustbin, you would save yourself of stress and time, as the dustbin would contain more dust and debris for a long time.

While comparing Bissell Cleanview vs Hoover WindTunnel 2 dust bin capacity I defined the following. The dustbin capacity of the Hoover WindTunnel is around 1.78 liters which implied that it can take on a few rooms before you empty it. Unlike the Hoover WindTunnel, the Bissell CleanView has a bigger capacity, with a value of 2 liters. So, you can work for a much longer time without stopping halfway.

There are bottom-release dustbins which ensure that emptying becomes convenient and they prevent your hands from coming in contact with them.

Cleaning Performance

This feature is what determines why you should purchase a vacuum cleaner in the first place. The Hoover WindTunnel and the Bissell CleanView have great cleaning properties, which makes it hard to pick the one which performs better when it comes to cleaning. They are also adept at handling both long hair and pet fur.
The Hoover WindTunnel comes with a technology from the brand itself which has 2 suction channels that ensnares debris and dirt which is embedded deep in any surface. It has great suction power which can gather dust and debris with just one swipe. There is also a HEPA filter in place, which can be washed at any instance.
As for the Bissell CleanView, it has the multi-cyclonic technology which has a suction which is powerful enough to isolate debris and dust from the air. The shortcoming which it has is that there is no HEPA filter in place. Nonetheless, there is a filter which can be cleaned up easily.

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Additional Accessories

One excellent advantage that vacuum cleaners which have extra accessories have over other conventional vacuum cleaners is, they ensure that the cleaning capacity is enhanced. The extra accessories which the Hoover WindTunnel comes with are listed below:

  • Extension wind
  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush

All the aforementioned accessories can be handled easily. For any variant you opt for, you might come across a pet turbo tool which has a specific function of ensnaring pet furs and cleansing upholstery.

Just like the Hoover WindTunnel, the Bissell CleanView 9595A also comes with the above-mentioned tools with the TurboBrush tool in addition.

Bissell Cleanview vs Hoover WindTunnel 2 Featres Comparison

Hoover WindTunnel 2

  • It has a dirt cup with a high capacity, this enables it to contain extra dust and debris
  • The WindTunnel 2 technology which it comes with, enables the two channels of suction to rise and eliminate both the debris found at the outward and the debris entrenched inside
  • The dual-cyclonic technology which it has enables air to pass through both cyclonic stages in a bid to remove debris and dirt without having to lose suction
  • The power cord is 25 feet in length which makes it possible to vacuum a big room
  • The extension wand makes it possible to attain the distance of the stretch hose which is 8 feet in length. The crevice tool helps in wiping cracks and fissures accurately
  • There is also a dusting brush for cleaning furniture, and a Turbo tool for working on stairways.

Bissell Cleanview

  • There is a cyclonic system which paves way for a powerful suction
  • Cleaning is fast and easy due to the lightweight vacuum in place
  • The upgraded brush design moves down the carpet to enable a more efficient cleaning experience
  • The TurboBrush works well for furniture and stairs
  • The dirt tank can be easily emptied
  • It has a multi-level filtration

Bissell Cleanview 9595A

Hoover WindTunnel 2


A good look at all the points mentioned in this piece shows that both models are good ones which offer a great cleaning performance. However, the Bissell CleanView is recommended for use, due to its structure which makes navigation easier, and the dustbin which is bigger in capacity.

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