Bissell ProHeat Pet Vs ProHeat 2X: Comparison And Review 2019

With regards to floor cleaning, you need to think about the tools you have to use, the floor type of your home, the requirements you want to be fulfilled and the budget you have at hand. Generally choosing an item from a popular brand is an astute decision. Alongside Shark and Dyson, Bissell stays as a standout amongst other makers of vacuum cleaning machines universally. The brand centers around machines that make life simpler. It offers an assortment of vacuum cleaners, with the vast majority of them being lightweight and having an amazing suction capacity to make cleaning easy.

Today, we will discuss two models from Bissell Proheat, which is an exclusive carpet cleaning vacuum lineup. The Bissel Proheat blends hot water with cutting-edge cleaning solutions, using a special technology. Hence, it makes for an easy and safe carpet cleaning system. The ProHeat models in this review are both quite effective, having Bissel’s latest technologies, to ensure great a cleaning performance.Still, Bissel has kept the price range of this series quite affordable to meet the budget of most people.

Comparison Chart:

Model Bissel ProHeat Pet Bissel ProHeat 2X
Weight 25 pounds 20 pounds
Tank Size 1.25 gallons 1 gallon
Cord Length 22 feet 25 feet
Formulas Included
  • Tools Included 2 2
    Dual Brushes
  • Heatwave Technology
  • EdgeSweep Brushes
  • Warranty 3 years 5 years
    Price $$ $$

    Comparison: Bissell ProHeat Pet Vs ProHeat 2X

    The individuals who have carpets at home know precisely what sort of dirt these carpets can collect with time. Be it pet hair, human hair, dust in the air or dirt on the feet, the carpet collects all of them. Most rug owners gripe about the trouble of cleaning since the dirt residue gets buried in the internal layers. To evacuate it requires a machine with an extraordinary suction control. Fortunately, Proheat Pet and ProHeat 2X are two market leading cleaners from Bissell.


    Truly, the design of Bissel vacuums is extremely remarkable. The units have a triangle shape, which gives it a solid base to stand on and prevents tipping. The aesthetics of Bissell ProHeat Pet and ProHeat 2X are different when it comes to their color schemes. The ProHeat Pet is has a green/black combination, while the ProHeat 2X comes with a black/blue combination. Between these two, the ProHeat 2X (45 inches) is taller than the ProHeat Pet (25 inches).

    Weight And Size

    The Bissell ProHeat Pet and ProHeat 2X are large in size, compared to their alternatives. There is no denying that their bodies are bulky, with ProHeat 2X having 20 pounds in weight and ProHeat Pet having 25 pounds in weight. This can be an issue for a few people who want to move either of these models from one place to another. Be that as it may, you don’t need to stress over this issue since Bissell added 4 wheels under the base of each of these models. It means that you can just push it through the carpet or from one room to another, without lifting it off the ground.


    You can’t make up your mind on a machine’s ability by looking at its aesthetics or weight/size. You want to know how does it perform while cleaning. This is why we are going to discuss the features of both these models in the section below and also have a look at what makes them different.

    What Both The Models Have

    • Bissel has integrated its vacuum cleaners with a heatwave technology. This special technology will get the solution of water and cleaning formula to a high temperature, at which point it is able to give an optimal cleaning. This is necessary as shampooing at room temperature is not able to remove the rigid stains on the carpet. The heatwave technology keeps the water and cleaning formula solution at a high temperature throughout the cleaning operation.
    • Both Bissel models (ProHeat Pet and ProHeat 2X) come with double power brushes that can rotate completely and will be able to get rid of the deep stains/dirt in the carpet. Bissel Pet has 12 rows brush head, while Bussel 2X has 10 rows one. Due to these rows of brushes, the vacuum is able to go into the inner layers of the carpet, meaning that the cleaning is not just superficial.
    • Both Bissel models are integrated with EdgeSweep brushes. These brushes are can clean the baseboards, edges, and corners of your carpet or floor, leaving no dust or dirt in sight.
    • There is a surround suction system incorporated in both these models, which automatically works on getting the floors dry as you clean up, with a full-width coverage.

    Differences In Both The Models

    • Bissel ProHeat Pet has been specially developed to keep your carpets and floors clean from pet stains. This means that this model has several specific features, that are not found in vacuum cleaners for general purposes. Such features include a pet hair collector, which traps the pet hair and stores it instead of putting it in the dirty water tank with all the other residue. Similarly, another special addition on this Pet model is the deep reach tool, which can reach the internal layers of the carpet and clean dirt from the root. There is also a tough stain tool added on the hose for getting rid of rigid stains on the carpet or other clothed furniture like sofas, chairs, etc. These features are not found in Bissel 2X, which is more of a usual vacuum cleaner for general purposes.
    • Bissel ProHeat 2X has a Microban protection, which removes any moisture that develops inside the machine due to the hot and humid condition produced while operating the vacuum. This is a very unique feature and is not found in many vacuum cleaners. By preventing the moisture from staying, the development of microorganisms inside the machine is stunted.
    • Bissel ProHeat 2X comes with a large 2-in-1 tank, which allows you to clean for a longer time, without emptying and refilling the tank.


    There is not a lot of distinction in the price of Bissell ProHeat Pet and Proheat 2X. They are around $200 and accessible for budget oriented families. You can check out their prices on Amazon and buy the product which best suits your needs.

    Bissell – Manufacturer

    Bissell is an American manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and cleaner solutions. It is a family owned business, with a history of almost a hundred and fifty years. The brand has established itself as one of the market leaders, given its drive to innovate and its customer-friendly policies. You can expect high-quality products from Bissel, with a solid warranty to back up their claims.


    For ProHeat Pet, contrasted with its past versions, this one performs much better and makes the carpet a lot drier. Numerous customers have used it for over 2 years and are still happy with this product. Notwithstanding, they were let down by the items weight.

    Similarly, ProHeat 2X demonstrated noteworthy performance on cleaning 3 to 4-month-old stains out of the carpet. Yet, people were left wanting more from the design of the machine.

    More or less, Bissell ProHeat Pet and ProHeat 2X are top cleaners. They can restore your floors and covers look and feel. With little change in pricing, you can go for the ProHeat Pet if you are tired of getting pet hair stuck on your carpet. ProHeat 2X is a better option for general purpose cleaning.

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