Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green

Bissell is one of the manufactures of vacuum and carpet cleaners that you can be assured of the quality of their product at any time, any day. They have masterminded the release of efficient machines in the past, all of which turned out to be vacuum cleaner markets favorite. With two of their latest release, Bissell is definitely not slowing down anytime soon. Talking about the Spot Clean vs Little Green, people who have had the feeling of these machines already know that as usual, Bissell has come up with another master class. Expectedly, both machines have also attracted the vacuum market and a lot of people cannot wait to kay their hands on either of this products, making them two of the most wanted vacuums that we have today. a lot of things that customers love about products from Bissell were also not left out in these two new products. Also, Bissell also made sure that they continue with the new trend of creating products that are versatile and useful for not just only one function. As you all know also that all of the high-end technology of Bissell products still does not stop the user-friendliness of the product and this is no exemption to that. With Bissell Spot Clean and Little Green, Bissell has shoot high to the top end of the vacuum manufacturing industry, and other top manufacturers like Dyson and shark can only wish that they slow me down a bit.

These two products from Bissell were intentionally designed to be able to serve tough stain removal functions on rugs and carpets of various textures and it can be said that Bissell undoubtedly has achieved this aim. However, with the similarities of both products, it can be extremely difficult to choose one over one since they both serve almost equal functions. this decision is even made harder by the cost of both of this product, as they are relatively cheap and coat friendly. There is also little to worry about the damage that will be done on the texture of the fabric, as Bissell has made sure that this factor is also taken into consideration. The operationalization of both machines is also relatively easy, and the uprightness means that both machines can be used by all and sundry and is most effective for people that suffer from severe backaches. However, we are going to be having a review of both products, as well as their functionality. Also for people who are finding it difficult to choose between both products, this would be very Important. To make this easier, we are going to be making a comparison between both products in such a way that every little details and difference will be given attention and this would help in the ease of choosing between both products.

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Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green Review

Both products as earlier said are the talk of the vacuum industry market and are already in the list of the top best handheld carpet cleaners available. You may, however, be wondering why they are still qualifying as handheld carpet cleaners, because of their usefulness, but it is still very interesting to know that both of them can be used to serve emergency cleaning function, and that is why they may still be qualified as handheld products.


One of the slight differences that both of this products possess is the difference in their designs, and this is why most customers are grateful, as some wouldn’t be able to stand both products looking alike in terms of appearance. Although the compact designs may be quite similar in some ways, both of them still come out in different colors that make them distinct, the spot clan cleaner is available in colors like white and red, and the little green, on the other hand, comes in the green color as its name implies. Like earlier said, these machines are not your regular handheld cleaners and this one of the reasons why they are more versatile and flexible. Although their bulkiness as compared to handheld machines does not mean that they are heavy. When compared to the normal carpet washers, they can be called lightweight with just around 4kg in size. However, little green could be heavier than the spot clean. Overall, the design proves that Bissell has found a balance between handheld machines, and another upright carpet washer. They have also been able to meet up with the cleaning efficiency of both machine types and this is a very welcome improvement.


The idea of being a handheld machine has made it possible for the portability of Spot Clean and Little Green. His means that they come with all the benefits that you get for a handheld vacuum. They can also be navigated and maneuvered around easily, and this is one of their greatest features. You will not have to worry about dragging the, around, because their handles are strong enough to be able to perform this functions. Spot Clean vs Little Green both come in long hoses respectively, with about 1.35 and 1.5 meters respectively. This means that it is possible to walk the distance to clean a part of the carpet while leaving the main unit on the floor.

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The Cleaning Performance

This is the standout characteristics of both products and as common to all Bissell products, there are no exemptions. Already Spot Clean and Little Green are already on the list of the best stain removal cleaners and this is an evidence of their efficiency and output. That being said, we are going to be considering quite a few aspects of their cleaning abilities in the following paragraphs.

For the spot clean, it works in such a way that there is a combination of water as well as well as water suction that makes its cleaning ability more possible. It can also make use of hot water tap as well as a cleaning formula suction to clean up dirt strains. On the other hand, the little green works in such a way that the water is sprayed on a spot, and the suction is then applied to suck up the dirt and dust. Anyway, you may prefer it, both cleaning performances are effective measures.

Another feature that the spot clean possess is the heatwave technology that helps in heating the cleaning water. With this, the cleaning can be done in warm water, and this guarantees amazing performances. The little green, on the other hand, does not have this feature

The spot clean has a clean water capacity pf a little above 1 liter and this is enough for emergency cleaning situations. On the other hand, little green water tank has a capacity of about 1.4 liters and it more useful in emergency situations than spot clean.

Spot clean comes with a very deep reach tool that helps in the removal of stuck dirt and stains, and they also have tanks that are easy to fill and empty. The little green, on the other hand, has very strong sprays and suction ability to be able to remove these stains, and it also provides an option of easy drying.

The Price

Spot Clean vs Little Green both come at almost similar prices with just a little under $150.

In Conclusion

As you can see, both cleaners have excellent features and cleaning abilities, with not many gap differences in the prices. Choosing any of both would be great, especially now that you know their functional ability and differences.

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