Hoover Linx vs Shark Navigator Cordless: head to head comparison

The importance of stick vacuums cannot be undermined, as they have the capacity to clean up mess effortlessly. So, to save you the worry of taking with you around, a big standing vacuum, you should opt for the stick vacuum, as the weight is not up to the big vacuum and it also enables flexibility during use. For any of the models you select, you can make use of the stick vacuum, as they are good for any kind of surface, be it the plush or the hard type.

Two of the most considered stick vacuum for home use is either the Hoover Linx or the Shark Navigator Cordless. They are equally wonderful, and they ensure cleaning goes on smoothly.

Important features of a good stick vacuum

In order to attain an acceptable level of cleanliness, it is important that you know the features enabled in your stick vacuum.

1. Multipurpose cleaning

This feature basically means the ability of a stick vacuum to clean diverse sorts of flooring in your home. This is essential due to the fact that it would not be cost-effective to purchase a different kind of vacuums for the purpose of cleaning different types of flooring in your home. If you have a vacuum with multipurpose function, it would save you a lot of cost and stress as well. So, with the help of some function keys such as the one which toggles the brush roll off and on, and the height settings which can be adjusted.

2. Slender structure

One of the primary purposes of a stick vacuum is to provide you with ease and efficacy when you are cleaning your home. A stick vacuum with a slim structure would be great, it can be stored away after use in a location where it would not be an obstruction in the house.

3. Outstanding suction

It would be difficult for you to know the kind of dirt which you would encounter in your home daily, so the vacuum you would go for, needs to have a superior suction function that can clean up any kind of mess on any surface. Vacuums which have this feature would clean up a mess just once, to save you the trouble of cleaning a second or a third time.

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4. Air filtering and purification

For those who are affected by allergies, it would be advisable for you to buy a stick vacuum which has an air filtration feature. This would help to eradicate minuscule particles which are gotten from dirt, and alongside releasing into your home, clean air.

The Hoover Linx

This stick vacuum can be regarded as overwhelming, as it has all the needed features which a typical vacuum should have an even more.


  1. It is a cordless stick vacuum
  2. The battery is the Fade-free Lithium-ion type with a rating of 18V
  3. It operates on the WindTunnel Technology
  4. The filtration is the cyclonic pattern
  5. It has the fingertip control feature
  6. It has a power-driven brushroll which can be turned on and off
  7. There is a fuel gauge for the battery which aids easy monitoring
  8. It has a broad cleaning head
  9. There are also bristles for edge cleaning
  10. There is a dirt cup positioned at the bottom

Battery: The fade-free feature

For cordless vacuums, it is important that the battery power of the vacuum is as ample as possible. Else, there are huge chances that the suction feature would fail during the cleanup. However, with the uniqueness of this battery, Hoover Linx allows you to take on any job for a long period of time. As a matter of fact, it has been proved that Lithium-ion can store charge for a long time which could run into months.

Cyclonic filtration

The filters positioned inside the vacuum needs to be properly maintained, this is where one of the functions of the cyclonic filtration feature comes into play. It functions by isolating dirt particles for the purpose of ensuring that the filter is cleaner and it lasts longer. Also, harmful particles are filtered out of the air during cleaning.

Power-driven brush roll

This is one of the primary features which shows the adaptive feature of the Hoover Linx on any floor type. As earlier mentioned, this brush roll can be toggled on and off. During hard floor cleaning, the brush roll can be switched off to enable proper suctioning. For surfaces such as carpet, you can turn on the brush roll to remove dirt embedded in the fibers of the carpet.

Broad cleaning course

It is very wearisome having to spend a lot of time to vacuum. However, the Hoover Linx saves ample time because of its broad cleaning head which covers more area than a conventional vacuum would.


  1. Easy handling of all kind of dirt
  2. Easy assemblage
  3. Weightless


  1. For Lithium-ion batteries, they should be removed after attaining 100%, as it could reduce the cleaning time which a fully charged battery
  2. Optimum battery care needs to be upheld regularly because they usually get stuffed with different sizes of particles

Shark navigator

The cordless vacuum also has features which ensure that cleaning is done properly.


  1. It is a lightweight cordless vacuum with a battery reading of 8 volts
  2. The brush roll is the 2-speed type
  3. It has an XL function dirt storage and a bottom and top void dirt reservoir
  4. The swivel steering is sophisticated

Insubstantial weight

This vacuum has a low weight of around 7.5 pounds which would definitely not stress you and would enable you to handle it more effectively.

Sophisticated swivel steering

This feature enables you to move easily around furnishings and other objects which are on the floor.

2-speed brush roll

To fully exploit the expediency of the unit, the 2-speed brush roll is an optimum benefit. The vacuum enables you to adjust it to work on both expensive and hard surfaces. One of the advantages of this feature is, when moving from carpet to plain floor, there is no suction loss.

XL function dirt storage

With this kind of storage, you do not need to discharge the dirt storage once you are done the cleaning. This storage enables you to contain much dirt as much as possible. You can also wash and reuse the storage over and over in order to enhance the handiness by implementing a comprehensive clean.

Topmost and base empty dirt storage

To exterminate stored dirt is made easy with the topmost and base empty dirt storage. So you would have the luxury of choosing between removing the partition and making use of the knob to transfer everything into the garbage, or to empty all in.


  1. The battery life is the long-term type. One charge can keep you going for long hours
  2. The suction power is top-notch, as it can suffice for any surface
  3. This cordless vacuum is very easy to wipe and preserve. It is important to specially treat the brush roll so that dirt does not get entrenched in the roll


  1. Maintenance has to be consistent, and this could prove to be quite stressful. If this is not done, the suction function could be affected


Having gone through the features of the Hoover Linx and Shark Navigator, opting for the ideal stick vacuum would be a lot easier now. These brands assure users of a long lifespan alongside with the costs which are relatively affordable.

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