Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe vs Hoover Power Scrub Elite

Nothing is more unnerving than a stain that does not want to go away. Regardless of how much you scrub, the stain simply remains there, as if mocking you for your inability to scrub it clean.

However, we live in an era of technology, where power scrubs are the best thing. No more stains ruining your day! And generally, the brand of choice is Hoover, for its multiple scrub choices.

Still, when you have so many options to go for, how do you choose between them? This article will discuss the Deluxe and the Elite models – both known for their ability to provide superior results.

Deluxe vs. Elite – An Overall Assessment

When it comes to removing stains, both the Power Scrub Elite and the Power Scrub deluxe provide unparalleled power. This is because of the company’s decision to include the SpinScrub brush system. This will allow the machine to go deeper in the carpet – and therefore, making it easier to remove the stain.

Both these power scrubs are lightweight – which means that you will not have to struggle when you are carrying them from one room to another. At the same time, it will ensure that a cleaning spree won’t become an accidental arms exercise – particularly if it’s not even arms day.

The Power Scrub Deluxe will provide the same suction across a path – so if you have a bigger stain, it should pick the dirt up with no problem. This unit also features a long and flexible hose which connects to several useful tools. Depending on the area that you wish to clean, you may leave it just like that – or you can use the tools for cleaning stairs and furniture.

The Power Scrub Deluxe features separate tanks, which means you won’t have to worry about the water getting contaminated. Its reservoir is even made to automatically mix the detergents so that you won’t have to.

Similar to the Deluxe, the Elite Power Scrub also goes along a fairly wide path – allowing you to clean your house in a fairly quick manner. The nozzle features – and just like its sibling, the Deluxe, the Power Scrub Elite also has a germ-killing coating material.

Regardless if you are trying to clean up after your pet or simply want to keep your home clean, you can easily do so with the dual-purpose attachment. This will provide that deep-clean effect that will leave your carpets stain-free.

Comparing the Nozzles

Comparing the width of the nozzle, both are fairly wide and can cover a large-enough surface. The Power Scrub Deluxe goes over 11.25 inches – with every inch of this nozzle being put to good use. The Elite model is a bit wider – but at 12 inches, the difference is not that significant. It does make the elite model superior, still.

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Featuring Hoover’s DualIV Nozzle system, it will deliver superior suction power from one nozzle end to another – while also producing enough heat so that your carpet can be dried at the same time.

Both models include SpinScrub brushes which will rotate at 360 degrees – therefore allowing you to say goodbye to stains from every angle possible. Plus, considering that these brushes are protected by antimicrobial coatings, you will not have to worry about any odors or bacteria lingering on the unit’s bristles.

When it comes to weight, the Deluxe’s 18.1 pounds is more lightweight than the Elite’s 18.5 pounds. At the same time, however, both units are fairly lightweight – and as mentioned, they will not turn every cleaning session into an accidental arms exercise.

The Elite model also features a Deep Clean mode which will help you deal with troublesome pet stains. These are the stains that cause the most odors – and this mode will reach deep into the carpet, along with the source of the problem.

Compared to the Deluxe unit, Elite has a wider nozzle. Plus, the Elite model also features an extra antibacterial kick.

The Tools Included

Both units have their own attachments, which makes whole-house cleaning less of a hassle. The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe, for instance, features three attachments that will allow you to clean every surface of your house.

You have a crevice tool that you can attach in order to reach the smaller gaps, a stair tool that also features the SpinScrub brushes – but you also have an upholstery tool which allows you to clean your furniture of stains.

Unlike the Deluxe model, the Power Scrub Elite features one tool that can help in a variety of situation. Featuring a dual-use attachment that has both rubber and bristle surfaces, this attachment will be a great help when it comes to dealing with pet messes.

The bristles of this tool will dig deep into the carpet, releasing the dirt or pet hair – while the rubber nubs will make the stains go above the carpet surface. This way, you will be able to clean stains such as pet urine without too much of a hassle. The Elite unit also features an extra antimicrobial surface that will help you deal with pet odors.

Both units feature an 8-foot flexible hose that can help you reach for difficult-to-reach areas. Furthermore, the 20-minutes power cord will allow you to easily move from one point of the room or house to another, without restraining your movements. This way, every inch of the house can be cleaned – and you won’t have to continuously change the electrical outlet in order to do so.

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Both the Elite and the Deluxe model will feature a mesh bag so that you can store your accessories. This way, you can keep things nice and ordered – and protected from any potential damage.

The Power Scrub Deluxe has three different tools that you may use on every kind of surface. The Elite has just one – but which you may use on almost every surface.

The Water Tank

Most concerns come from the water tanks; however, instead of featuring just one we water tank, the Deluxe model features two of them. With each tank having a 1-gallon capacity, the chances of water contamination are nonexistent.

When cleaning the stain, the power scrub will pull water from the clean water tank and direct the used water I the dirty water tank. Plus, you also have 16 ounces of space in the clean water reservoir where you can add detergent.

The Deluxe unit also features a mess-free Smart Tank System that prevents any accidental spilling of the water. Featuring a spout that allows for easy drainage, you won’t have water spilling everywhere when you want to throw the dirty water away.

The Elite Power Scrub also has two separate tanks to hold the clean and dirty water – but they are slightly bigger than the Deluxe model. With a 1.25-gallon capacity for every tank, this model won’t have you rushing back and forth simply because you have to change the water.

The detergent mixing of this unit is also automated which means you may put the measuring cup away. The elite will release a certain amount of soap in the water each time it is needed – therefore, preventing waste and/or soap sta8ins.

Both models have two tanks that separate the clean water from the dirty one – but the Elite version has tanks with a slightly bigger capacity.

Wrap Up

Both power scrubs are an asset to have in your home – assets that are fairly similar in features. Both units are budget options – but have premium features that can help keep your house clean.

The Elite model is slightly bigger than the Deluxe one, with a wider nozzle and a slightly bigger water tank capacity – but not big enough to be considered a gigantic difference.

Finally, while both units have the SpinScrub brush, the Elite one has an extra antimicrobial kick. If you are prone to allergies, the Elite model should be your top choice. However, if you want the easier to maneuver option, then the Deluxe model should be your top choice.

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