Hoover WindTunnel 2 vs. 3: What Are the Differences?

When you are cleaning your house, you want to reach every nook and cranny – and this without having to brush over the same area twice. At the end of the day, you want something which will efficiently suck the dirt from the floor without causing too much fuss – and without making you want to pick up the broom instead.

This article will go over two Hoover vacuum cleaners: the WindTunnel 2 and the WindTunnel 3. Are there any significant differences between them? Is the WindTunnel 3 better than its predecessor just because it’s slightly newer? Well, you can find that out by reading the following article.

The Overall Features

Many users have pointed out that the Hoover WindTunnel 3 is an upgrade of the second model – in every aspect possible. Granted, while the WindTunnel 3 is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, it also comes with a variety of premium features.

Both units are, however, fairly lightweight and easy to move around. When it comes to their size, there is no significant difference. The WindTunnel 3 is slightly bigger, but only by two inches at the most.

The WindTunnel 2 is good for all kinds of rubbish on the floor – but the WindTunnel 3 also has a feature that can help you deal with pet hair. As a result, if you are a pet owner struggling to get the pet hair out of your daily life, you might find more benefit in the WindTunnel 3.

Both units are also fairly easy to clean and assemble, making them very hassle-free and without any further issues. Plus, both models use a reasonable amount of power, making them a fairly good choice for your budget.

Design and Construction

When it comes to their looks, you will not see many differences between the two models. They were both made to fit the simplest terms that made the basis of Hoover WindTunnel.

Being made mostly from plastic, these vacuum cleaners are fairly lightweight. The inner construction of the WindTunnel 2 features three channels through which the dirt is suction. The WindTunnel 3, on the other hand, features three of these channels – giving you a stronger suction power.

The WindTunnel 2 is a bit taller and wider compared to its successor; however, due to the three channels, the WindTunnel is slightly bulkier. The significance is, however, not that great – since the WindTunnel 3 is heavier than its predecessor by only 0.6 lbs.

The WindTunnel 2 has a slightly smaller dirt reservoir compared to its successor – which means that if you have a bigger house, you might want to go for the WindTunnel 3 instead. This way, you will not have to empty the reservoir so frequently.

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The WindTunnel 3 also features its own cord rewind pedal – something that the WindTunnel 2 does not have. The difference may not seem like much at first – but when you want to retract a 40’ power cord at the end of a cleaning spree, its absence might be rather inconvenient.

Both models come in two colors: red or blue. The difference stays only in the shade of red used on each model with the WindTunnel 2 having the Shadow Metallic nuance while the WindTunnel 3 has a Silver Vacuum option. The hues, however, are not that different – and they both are just as stylish.

When it comes to their looks and construction, there is no significant difference between the two – except for the suction channels. Considering that the WindTunnel 3 has three channels instead of 2, you get a stronger suction power. Other differences may be their slight difference in size, as well as the cord rewind pedal.

Tools and Accessories

Both vacuum cleaners can handle almost every kind of surface – and this is mostly thanks to the accessories that they bring. Both units feature a multi-floor brush that makes it usable on both hardwood and carpets.

The difference, however, stands in the existence of the brush switch – or lack thereof. The WindTunnel 3 doesn’t have a switch to control the brush – which makes it fairly difficult to use on hardwood without scattering all the dirt around.

The WindTunnel 3, on the other hand, does feature such a switch – making the transition from hardwood to carpets less troublesome. Plus, considering that the pedal can be switched with the foot, the transition will be quick and effortless.

Both vacuum cleaners also feature a decent number of accessories – and they also have a telescopic wand that will increase the stretchability of your hose.

The cleaning attachments are the same as well: a turbo tool that will allow you to easily clean the furniture and stairs, an upholstery tool for pet hair, a crevice tool for difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies, and a dusting brush that will help you get rid of the dust from various surfaces.

When it comes to the attachments, the difference between the two models is not that big. The only difference stays in the multi-floor brush that has an on-off switch for different surfaces. This makes cleaning hardwood floors less troublesome.


When it comes to their performance, both units feature an adequate suction ability. When used on carpets and hardwood floors, they are both very efficient in sucking up the debris. However, the WindTunnel 3 is slightly more effective when it comes to picking up the pet hair and other types of debris that are clinging to the carpet.

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The units also feature different cyclonic air filtration. Whereas the WindTunnel 2 features a dual cyclonic air filtration, its successor has a multi one (13 filters in total). This makes it a better option if you are prone to allergies from dust and other allergens.

The HEPA filtration system can also be removed, cleaned, and attached again – meaning that you will not have to buy a new filter each time you are planning to vacuum the house. In this regard, the WindTunnel 3 is not only the eco-friendlier option, but it is also friendlier on your budget.

Because of the number of features, however, the WindTunnel 3 is slightly louder than its predecessor. This is expected from most vacuum cleaners, however – and particularly since both their power rating is of 120V/12AMPS.

Both vacuum cleaners are very efficient when it comes to picking up debris from the floor – particularly on carpeted surfaces. However, the WindTunnel 3 is the more “pet-friendly” option that can pick up allergens and pet hair more efficiently. This way, the air, and surfaces will remain allergen-free.

Wrap Up

As you may have realized by now, the WindTunnel 3 is similar to the WindTunnel 2 in many aspects. Their features are almost the same – and you could simply say that the latter is just a better version of the former. Both use advanced cyclonic technologies – but the WindTunnel 3 has been slightly improved to suction the smaller fibers as well.

The WindTunnel 3 is the more suitable option if you are dealing with allergens and pet hair. Thanks to its HEPA filters, it’s less likely to contaminate the air that you are breathing – making it a great purchase for those suffering from asthma.

Both units come at a fairly attractive price, with a solid construction that is meant to last. The WindTunnel 3 is slightly bulkier compared to its predecessor – but at the same time, it can also hold more debris in a cleaning round. It is certainly the more suitable option if you live in a bigger house.

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