Neato Botvac D80 vs D85: A Comparison Between Models

For a while now, robot vacuum cleaners have made a strong mark in the market, edging out a good number of vacuum cleaners, based on their multi-purpose function and vitality. These robot vacuum cleaners can be regarded as one of the most productive innovations in this present time. There is no denying the fact that there are lots of benefits which are inherent in the usage of robotic vacuums, and not putting asides the fact that humans are recipients of a good number of these benefits.

The handiness and convenience which is brought attract people to opt for it. However, what sends them back, is the price which is slightly on the high side. The fact is, it is expected that for such a product delivery, the purchase would be quite expensive. That is why many users are carefully comparing all the features of vacuums, in our case Neato Botvac D80 vs D85 to make right decision and not waste money.

A good number of manufacturers have started looking into the expansion of their product stock, by integrating some mouth-watering innovative features in their products which would undoubtedly increase their productivity.

Naeto in 2015, unveiled three products labeled as D85, D80, and D75, all belonging to the D series. In this piece, however, only D85 and D80 would be focused on. They are useful for handling unpleasant messes done by pets. They are great models which clean effectively.

Both models, have nice features which can help you seep into fibers, no matter how deep they could go. Both models usually give clients a headache because of the very close features. However, there are still features which distinguish them from each other.


What endears people to a particular product to people is how it looks. The appearance of a product hence needs to look great in order to attract people to purchase it. So most times, irrespective of the fact that a product has great features, what people would look at first, is the design. Both models of the Neato Botvac, the D80 and the D85 have great designs. They are both D-shaped which makes them prominent amongst other similar vacuum cleaners. What distinguishes them in this sense, is the camera and icons’ color. So, if D80 is red-colored, definitely, D85 would be the alternative color.


Another feature which people cherish again is the ability of a product to be portable and still have excellent features. One thing about robotic vacuums is, they are easily maneuverable, without you having to get in the way of its operation. So, it can be concluded that when it comes to the performance of both models, it is regarded as topnotch.

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The technology which they work with enables them to chart out the whole area, in order not to come in contact with obstacles which could hinder their operation. If there is a boundary marker in place, it ensures that you still have a hold on the movements of the robots.

Looking at the D-shape of both models, they are not just meant for fancy. This shape enables robotic vacuums to enter into corners which old-fashioned units cannot infiltrate. Thus, more dirt, hair, and dust is picked up.

Cleaning function of the Naeto Botvac D80 vs D85

One of the first points which would be looked into is the LaserSmart function, which is an application meant for charting. There is a mainstream fact which people usually make about technology. Most people claim that this technology has enabled all Naeto vacuum cleaners to easily move around the house. The D80 and D85 models, usually make use of this technology to scan the whole house before cleaning commences. So in essence, you can make use of two units to properly clean your home, thereby saving you of time and energy.

Also, the CornerClever technology pools resources with the D-shape in order to effectively eliminate dirt and dust in areas which are hard to penetrate. The broad Neato brushes are much bigger than that of its counterparts. Hence, it is a disadvantage for other robot vacuums, as they cannot gain contact with the wall like these machines.

For the suction power, the models D80 and D85 are greatly improved in this aspect. When comparing it to other models, you would see that the upgrade is momentous. There is a SoinFlow power clean system in place which makes use of strong suction and precision brushes to seamlessly handle dust, dirt, debris, hairs of pet and other forms of particles.

One of the prominent features which the models D80 and D85 have is the combo brush. When it comes to giving a great performance in clearing out pet hairs which could be present on all types of flooring, the combo brush can handle that effectively, as it joins forces with the cleaning strength of the bristles and blades. It can never be overstated that both models are perfect choices or cleaning up floors.

The Dissimilarity

The Neato Botvac D80 and D85 have upgraded large filters. Though they are not HEPA filters, they still offer topnotch performance which is evident in the collection of dust and other particles than similar models. So, to a good extent, they can contain small particles which would prevent people who suffer from allergies from getting affected, unlike HEPA filters which has that as its primary function.

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So, the air and the environment becomes conducive for breathing and health is once again preserved. However, the D85 model has more enhanced filters than the D80. Hence, it would be more effective in the removal of little particles.


Two great features which come with the D80 and D85, are the brushes and the boundary markers which helps cleaning more effective. There is a high possibility that other vacuum cleaners which do not have boundary markers, for example, would most likely bump into obstacles, some of which might be expensive, thus causing an eventual damage to these items.


As earlier mentioned, for quality products which offer such excellent services, it is expected that it would be more expensive than conventional machines. However, the prices of Neato Botvac D80 and D85, are quite affordable, even though people still regard them as being expensive.

Comments from clients

A good number of people love the kind of delivery which the D80 gives. On Amazon, for example, the positive feedbacks which customers give is a little above average. People were pleased with the work done on the various floorings in their homes. However, the common downside feature which people were not content with, was the fact that the dust storage was quite small.

Taking a brief look at the comments given about the D85, a good number of people still had nice things to say concerning the removal of pet hairs amongst other cleaning features. Some of them commented on the fact that it has been in use for a long time, and the product still remained intact. The dust storage is bigger than D80, but customers would have preferred it if it was much larger.


Both models of the Neato Botvac, the D80 and the D85, are both wonderful picks. If you have pets in your house, or you are quite sensitive to changes in the air which could affect respiration, both models would still suffice. The D85 is, however, a better choice. The difference in the cost of both models is however small, so you can opt for either of the two depending on your budget.

Irrespective of your choice, you can be sure that both models would serve you well, and ensure your home becomes more comfortable to live in.

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