Shark NV501 vs NV752 Detailed Comparison

There aren’t many vacuum cleaner product brands like shark where you will get value for the product. It is easy to say that they are pace setters when it comes to vacuum cleaning products. However, they didn’t get here overnight, as a lot of hard work have been done, and a lot of products have been innovated too. This is why Shark have a large collection of vacuum cleaner products, and as the saying implies practice makes perfection. Sharks machines are known to deliver high professional services with lesser price than that required for other rival products, and to this effects, products like Shark NV501 and NV752 are no exemptions.

These two products from Shark belong to the fine line of high quality technology vacuum cleaner machine knows has shark rotator, very popular for its versatility and its ability to work on many ground surfaces effectively. This makes Shark NV501 and NV752 a good option for people that are looking to purchase vacuum cleaners for household or offices purposes. Both products will always be mentioned in the list of top vacuum cleaners with high quality that shark have ever released. However, to differentiate between these two products is an extreme sport, and you may end up getting confused. Both of them actually make use of similar qualities, but they are more are also circumstance specific, and you have to know about the situation where they are best fit before purchasing. However, in this article we have taken our time to differentiate clearly between this two products, as well as give the similarities in their functions, and also compare them.

Shark NV501 vs NV752 Comparison Chart

Model Shark NV501 Shark NV752
Warranty 5 Years 7 Years
Weight 15.5 pounds 15.6 pounds
Cord Length 30′ 30′
Dust Cup Volume 1.3 quarts 3.3 quarts
Powered Lifting Technology Yes Yes
True Pet Technique No Yes
Anti-Allergen Sealing Yes Yes
Fingertip Controlling No Yes
Cleaning Path Width 9.5” 10.5”
LED Indicator Over Floor Nozzle Over Handle & Floor Nozzle
Included Accessories
  • Power Brush
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Mini Motorized Brush
  • Hard Floor Hero
  • Duster Crevice
  • Canister Caddy

Shark NV501 and NV752 Comparison and Review

As can be seen from their names, they are both designed in such a way that they are in upright mode, and they have lift away functions. the implication of this is that they share a whole lot of things in common, and going by the name of the former, they are the best type of vacuum cleaners for home pet owners.

The Design

The most obvious difference in their design and appearance makeup has to be their separate colors. Shark NV501 is available in a variety of colors that includes the following: red, blue, green and purple, however the purple version of it is the rarest among all of the mentioned colors. Shark NV752 on the other hand has colors like steel gray, Bordeaux and rose gunmetal. But talking about the material that makes up the physical appearance, shark made use of the same material in the durable plastic, that also possesses metals and rubber components. In general, it can be said that shark has not picked style over utility or efficiency, neither have they picked efficiency and utility over style. They have actually found the right balance between the style and utility of both products, and this is very recommendable of them.

The Portability

Shark NV501 and NV752 are almost identical in their size and weight. The dimensions are 12.2 X 12.1 X 45.7 and a weight of 15.4 pounds for Shark NV501, while that of Shark NV752 is 13.2 X 11.9 X 45 with a weight of 15.4 pounds. With their dimensions, you can see that they are very convenient to be moved around homes. They also have cord length of almost 30 feet longs, and with this you can be able to reach difficult corners with them. Of course all of sharks vacuum usually come with a swivel steering for their easy navigation without bumping into the furniture in the room, and this isn’t an exemption with Shark NV501 and NV752.

Cleaning Performances

As for Shark NV501 vs NV752 cleaning performances, both products make use of almost similar features, but there are also some differences too, making them ideal to numerous situations. Some of the features for cleaning performance includes the following:

  • Shark NV501 and NV752 are both similar in the 3 in 1 feature which is considered to be a very important vacuum cleaner feature. The 3 features we are talking about include the following: the standard upright vacuum, portability in handling, and their mobile candy accessory. This features mean that both vacuum cleaners tick all the boxes for an ideal home cleaner and this is why they are most preferred.
  • Another amazing innovation of Shark NV501 and NV752 is the combination of both HEPA filtration, and Anti-Allergen complete seal technology. They both function as air purifications, and help the machine to clean up about 99.7% of the dust particles and the allergens. Also after picking up all the dirt and dust, Shark NV501 and NV752 make sure that they do not escape eventually, and this helps to keep the air in the home fresh at all times.
  • Shark NV501 and NV752 both possess built in LED lights that will help you clean up the dirt that are situated in dark corners of the homes and this helps to provide a cleaner environment than other brands of vacuum cleaners. The LED light also lasts as long as the vacuum itself.
  • Apart from the swivel steering for ease of navigating both machines, they also come with powered brush roll that can be pit on or off based on the requirements, and the cleaning situation. However, there is a light difference in the location of the powered brush roll button for Shark NV501. Ii is located on the lift away pod very close to the power button of the machine.

The Accessories

Shark NV501 comes with a variety of accessories that includes the following: dusting brush, a 12” crevice tool, premium power pet brush, a straight nozzle, a very big upholstery tool, canister caddy, car detail kit and a microfiber pad.
Shark NV752 on the other hand has accessories like: a hard floor genie, a dusting genie, dusting brush upholstery, true pet mini brush, and a canister candy.

The Price

Shark NV752 is $100 more expensive than Shark NV501 and this is quite understandable due to some of the features it has over Shark NV50, as well as extra attachment bags.

The Feedbacks

Shark NV752 keeps getting amazing review on amazon as a lot of customers love most of its specifications especially the true pet mini brush, although most of the few negative complaints have been about its weight and these were just chipped in after a lot of positives have been said. So apparently almost everyone who have purchase Shark NV752 loves it. And it has to be said that this is a rare feat for vacuum cleaning machines. Shark NV501 on the other hand got 5 stars from amazon customers too, a lot of whom were satisfied with how well it could work on different flor surfaces. The weight also comes in as a the only negative comment here.

The Conclusion

Overall you can see that Shark NV752 has a slight edge over Shark NV501. And this is how much people have tended to value the true pet feature. However, Shark NV501 has a lot of admirers too, it comes in a lot more diversified colors and that should be the main reason. Also if you do not have a pet at home, maybe Shark NV501 will be the most preferred option for you, or maybe not. But you can see that with these two products and many more to come, the vacuum cleaner industry is shark’s.

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  1. I’ve tested NV501 Shark on thick carpets and was impressed how many dust were missed before. And yes, LED lights are really powerfull and come in handy for dust detection under furniture.

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