Shark NV752 vs NV801: A Detailed Comparison Between Models

If you are familiar with the topic on the internet about vacuum cleaners, you will realize that recently shark is a trending topic. The simple reason behind is the high-quality products that they put out. And due to this reason, shark product has turned out to be a major rival to other to vacuum brands like Dyson. However, it has to be said that this does not imply that the products from Dyson are not of good quality, in the real sense of it both shark and Dyson have raised the bar very high when we talk about vacuum cleaners. This also tends to have an impact on their outstanding market value through the various make and product types they come up with. The diversity if both brands are that they have come up with a lot of vacuum cleaners that can be used in various floor types, and different situations. They have also paid adequate attention to how the performances of their products can help is reducing the cost of maintenance. With these, shark and Dyson products are one of the most preferred out there when we talk about vacuum cleaners.

Some of the numerous vacuum type produced by a shark over the years include shark Navigator, shark Rotator, shark ion, and shark rocket, and one unique edge that shark tends to have over Dyson has to be the light weight of the product, which make them suitable and to be easily handled for users. Of all the types of shark products aforementioned, when it comes to flexibility and versatility, shark rotator can be unmatched by none. Shark rotator comes with a lot of attachment and features that make them ideal in almost all situations, and this is an attestation to how much they cost. the variety of vacuum under shark rotator include shark NV752 and NV801: two very unique products with top-notch technological innovation that is unmatched by a lot of other products.

These two masterpiece products are what we are going to be comparing in this article, due to the fact that there is quite a huge market demand for them. However, shark NV801 is a more recent product that shark NV752, and this means that the former will have quite a few advanced features when compared to the latter. But in general comparison, both products come from similar technology innovation and the implication of this is that they share a lot of features in common with only a slight difference available for both. Be that as it may, let us see the similarities and differences in detail of both products.

The Design

Never mind that I said they both have similar features, it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to differentiate distinctly between these products. They have completely different outlook appearance and designs. For shark NV801, it is a lot thinner and can help you save enough space when keeping it in the storeroom. On the other hand, the NV752 version is much more studier and heavier. The design also varies in color and makeup, and for the NV752 version, it comprises of steel grey, Bordeaux and rose gunmetal. On the other hand, the NV801 version comprises of charcoal, cinnamon is plasma blue. The only similarity about their design outlook is that both of them are designed to apparat upright, and this means that they are very easy to handle, and that is why a lot of people prefer them for home uses that other brands of vacuum cleaners. Well in the real sense when comparing the appearance and design of a vacuum cleaner, apart from the ease to handle and the portability, a lot of users do not pay genuine attention to it. This is because they are more concerned about the workability of the vacuum cleaner rather than the design. However, it is also worthy of mention that these two brands of vacuum cleaners are appealing in their outlook and appearance, and if you are a user that is particular about that, then these are your choices.

The Portability

A special feature of both vacuum cleaner is what is called the swivel steering, and just literarily this means that the that both of them can be easily navigated during the cleaning process. this means that they can be used smoothly around homes or offices in such a way that they will not damage other appliances and furniture contained in the room. Another thing that speaks well of their portability is the lift away function which implies that they can be used as powerful upright vacuums. They have the weight of just about 15 pounds, a verification that shark NX810 and NV752 are designed in such a way that they are as lightweight as possible. This means almost everybody in a household can handle them effectively. On a final note on the portability of both products, they have a cord length of about 30 ft. the advantage of this is that they save time in cleaning due to the possibility of being able to clean a large area of space at once.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark NV810 and NV752 have an outstanding cleaning performance, and this can be verified by the various online reviews and feedback available. Worthy of mention is also the fact that they are very effective on numerous ground surfaces, and this is an affirmation of technological innovation. Some of the things that you should know about their performance include the following.

  • Shark NV810 and NV752 have LED lights that function in such a way that they can be used in dark areas such as under tables, bed, and corners at home. however, in comparison, NV752 have the LED lights on both floor nozzle and handles, while NV810 have the lights on only the nozzle.
  • Shark NV810 and NV752 being of the finest technology mean that they possess HEPA filters and anti-allergen seals. This makes sure that they effectively trap almost all of the particles and allergens available. This feature in most useful for people who have respiratory issued such as asthma.
  • For Shark NV810 the dust cup does not have enough capacity compared to that of Shark NV752. This means that you may have to take the dirt to the trash more frequently when making use of the former.

The Accessories

Shark NV572 comes with a true pet tool that means that the vacuum is capable of picking up particles as little as the hair from a pet. Other accessories include hard floor genie, dusting brush, canister caddy, and the accessories bag.

Shark NV810, on the other hand, has accessories like pet multi-tool, duster crevice tool, pet power brush, and the accessory bag.

The Prices

Both product cost above $200, however, due to the slight technology advantage of NV752 is may cost a little more than that NV801. However, you can be rest assured that they both worth every amount spent.

The Feedbacks

Shark NV752 gets a very good review on Amazon as about 75% of people who have purchased it gave it 5 stars. In general, they were satisfied with the appearance and cleaning features.

Shark NV810, on the other hand, got 5 stars too from Amazon customers, most of who were satisfied with its efficiency on hard surfaces.

The only slight complaint about both products from customers was weight.

The Conclusion

Due to the differences in the dust cup and recommendation for home pets, NV752 is more recommended than NV810. However, this depends on what spec you prefer, as VV810 is lighter than NV752.

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