The Best Home Carpet Cleaners to buy in 2019

Home carpet cleaners have gone beyond the conventional functions and purposes that they serve, this is because these days a lot of homeowners tend to be pet lovers. Therefore, the new innovation of carpet and floor cleaning has taken this into consideration. Managing pets at home should come with more cleanliness routine for healthy living. This is because of the mess that pets tend to cause. This includes the pet’s hair, stains and even sometimes urine.

What is Best Home Carpet Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner that is not well equipped to manage all of these may tend to cause more damage than good by redistributing the mess to other different corners of the room and it some scenarios, driving the hair deep I to the carpet or floor cover material. With this, in mind, we are making it easy for homeowners that need to find a solution to this issue by making a review of the best home carpet cleaner that is well equipped to manage the situation effectively. Some of this carpet cleaners are topped ranked for the year 2018, which means that they are the in vogue machines that you should look out for in other to help you manage these situations.

Hoover Steam Vac Carpet Cleaner – Model F5914900

Hoover Steam Vac offers you the function ability to clean any carpets material. its efficiency also means that no matter the size of the material, the result will still be obvious. One thing that you will benefit from this product is the fact that it, unlike many other latest products, it is quite affordable. There is also convenience in using Hoover Steam Vac and the implication of this is that it can be well handled by all and sundry. Hoover Steam Vac also has enough power to be able to work on the texture of any carpet that you can think of this is due to the 12A motor which helps is forcing the spin scrub brush roll without having to use a belt. The advantage of this is that you won’t have to be worried about a belt tear, and this helps to reduce the maintenance cost of this product.

Talking about the spin scrub brush roll, the excellent job that it does is second to none, as it ensures that the carpet is adequately cleansed to the very depth. There are two various settings for the spin scrub brush roll of Hoover Steam Vac. The first one is the low power setting which can be used for light and not too serious cleaning. The high setting, on the other hand, is very useful for deep cleaning, and this is must functional if the carpet of your room has a hard texture. These two settings ensure that Hoover Steam Vac can be used for various purposes and different textures of carpet materials. Also, the scrub brush is also built in such a way that it does not affect the fiber or the material of your carpet. It has a very gentle cleaning action made specifically for this purpose. The most interesting aspect of this is that with this features that it possesses, it still does the cleaning and remove dirt effectively. For stains, like the ones from a pet a detergent can be added with the help of the clean surge control.

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Another feature that the Hoover Steam Vac possesses is the 8foot stretch hose and upholstery an upholstery cleaning tool. This makes the cleaning of upholstery relatively easy than normal. The weight of the machine also makes it possible to serve this function effectively, as it weighs just about 20 pounds, meaning it is very easy to be lifted. At this same time, it can perform all the functions that a heavy machine can perform.

Hoover Steam Vac is one more reason to rely on the Hoover brand, as the machine is one of the best out there with features that makes them very easy to use. And more importantly, they are quite affordable, meaning you will be getting way more value than the price suggests.

Bissell Turbo Clean Power Brush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner

This Bissell carpet cleaner brand is one of the best things to have happened to the vacuum industry of late. Its performance is quite outstanding as it consists of four different rows of bristle brushes that can be used to maximal effect. It also has a small brush at the side of the that helps in cleaning the wall alongside the carpet. This model is designed with pet users in mind, and it performs the function of eradicating the stubborn stain and dirt that are caused by pets. Another enticing factor is that it comes with a free sample bottle of Bissell deep clean. This sample is regarded as one of the best when it comes to stain and odor removal. This means it is very effective for urine from pets also.

Hoover Power Scrub Carpet Washer Model FH50150

Going back to the Hoover brand, it seems that they have taken this year by a scruff with their release of exceptional products. Hoover Power Scrub Carpet Washer has all the amazing features of the steam vac. It also possesses some additional features to go with, making is none of the best hoover brands of product ever made. With a lightweight of just about 18 pounds, Hoover Power Scrub Carpet Washer is very easy to handle. Another additional feature that favors this concept is the possession of four different handles making it easy to carry it at different ways and can also clean very effectively because of it 20-foot power cord, a feature that has made it one of the top rated vacuum cleaner this year. You can learn complete review of Hoover Power Scrub Carpet Washer FH50150 that I wrote in October here.

If you like this model you may also find helpful the following reviews:

Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Pro 1986 Cleaner

There is definitely no way we are going to make a list of top vacuum cleaners for the year and we will leave Bissell Pro Heat out of it. This machine is equipped with everything necessary to deep clean any carpet type that you can think of. It also has the ability to remove every type of carpet stain that there is and this is due to the dirt lifter power brush that it possesses. This power brush makes use of a special kind of technology known as the heatwave technology. This technology has done a very great job in assisting the functions of the brushes, and that is why they are capable to sink in deep to remove dirt away from a carpet.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

Away from the Bissell and Hoover models, the rug doctor vacuum cleaner is a professional grade carpet cleaner. One thing that has made this machine a market favorite for this year is its industrial strength and the power that is exerted. Its efficiency rate is such that is about 75% more powerful than any other in vogue vacuum. Rationally, it weighs more than a lot of latest machine and this is due to the fact that it is not a regular machine meant for home purposes. Its features consist of professionally grade brushes and it consists of about 14 rows and a massively improved suction. You can read complete review of this model here.


As you can see that most of these machines are very well equipped to serve the purpose of home cleaning especially for pet owners. Choosing any of the aforementioned products can effectively help you tackle the problem, and kudos to the manufacturers, most of them are quite affordable for even low-income earners.

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